Monday, July 28, 2014

Quick Overview of the Grand Floridian's Garden View Tea Room

   It makes me sad whenever one of my favorite restaurants is closed for any length of time, regardless of whether I'm at Walt Disney World or not!  Just think of all those sad tourists who don't have the chance to experience it...sad right?  The last time we mentioned The Garden View Tea Room was almost three years ago, and that post was even a throwback to earlier years. (check out how ridiculously young I look...)   But now that this restaurant is under a semi lengthy refurbishment it has been on my mind a lot.
   Because I know high tea can be intimidating to some (like me, for instance) I thought I'd share a very quick overview of the restaurant to alleviate any concerns.

   The tea room is located in the back of the Grand Floridian's enormous and breathtaking main lobby.  The room itself is small, but feels more airy considering the abundance of windows overlooking the gorgeous grounds of the Grand Floridian.  Though it may change during the refurbishment, I doubt the soft pastels, white trim, and girly awesomeness is going anywhere.  The room feels very old school in the most appropriate way ever. This place rarely feels stuffy...just fun.

   The menu here is very simple and pretty perfect.  Though you can get all items a la carte the tea packages are the way to go!  Each tea package is bundled with different accouterment that meets almost any taste.  With names like The Buckingham Palace (tea sandwiches, jam tart, strawberries and cream) and Princess Kate Tea (potted shrimp, cheese selection,  seasonal fruit, cheese biscuit, pastries and champagne) its also a lot of fun to pick which one suites you.  I always recommend one with champagne, obviously.

   Each selection comes with your choice of tea.  The tea selection here runs the gamut from delicate whites to strong black tea, as well as herbal teas and rooibos.  Though I always prefer an oolong tea, I've tried almost all of the tea menu and they're all very good.  The best part is delicate and girly tea sets that they're served in!  Plus, there are legit teapot cozies...

   Since the menu changed a few years ago, we have started ordering The Grand Tea which is essentially The Princess Kate minus the potted shrimp. (Doesn't that make you want to barf???) If you're a vegetarian (or have any dietary restriction) make sure you tell your server.  For instance, the tea sandwich selection often has a few meaty options that we have to opt out of...

   The savory food here is all pretty delicious, and the pastries garner a pass based on the presentation alone.  Taste wise the sweets are just ok.  But seriously, look at that swan shaped pistachio cream puff! Always makes me smile.

   The Garden View is known for their exceptional service, and this reputations is well deserved.  Each time we dine here we leave with a full belly and a smile.  The staff is super attentive and happy to answer any questions, and always quick to refill your teacup.

Just for fun, a picture of me and Jamie...

   Many people have asked whether you need to dress up at the Garden View...the short answer is no. However, when we were in our early 20's we used to visit in very casual clothes. Looking back at pictures I'd be pretty uncomfortable dressing like that now.  I'm not saying you need to dress up, but maybe not flip flops. ;)

   So there you go!  A very quick over view of one of my favorite restaurants at Walt Disney World!  Do you have any questions about the Garden View?  Ask away over on Twitter or Facebook!


  1. Since I'm married to a pedantic Brit, I shall point out what I learned the hard way. This isn't high tea -

    It's afternoon tea -

    And as you correctly note, it's oh so yummy! I've been to the Garden View Tea Room almost half a dozen times and can't wait to go again.

  2. Potted shrimp is usually pretty incredible if done well...what other selections of substance are available? Hopefully there are some more satisfying items such as chicken/shrimp salads, liver pâté, or even some of the various meat pies for which the British are famous.