Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Do You Have A Photo Spot Tradition?

   On an old episode of Disney Hipster Podcast we discussed our photo spot traditions.  For instance, Adam and I always take a photo on the Sunset Savanna at Kidani Village after a meal at Sanaa for lunch.  Its just one of those things that we did once, and our obsessive nature insisted on repeat photos.

   I have heard of families with small children taking pictures in the same spots in the parks, as a way of watching the children grow…but what about this activity benefits adults?  Shear tradition seems like a pretty lame excuse, while claiming OCD (like we are) also seems pretty silly.  Just like children, its kind of fun to look at yourself over the years. 

   The only problem with this is that unless the photos are dated it gets pretty hard to discern one trip from another, especially when you're visiting Disney World more than once a year.  It might be a fun project to assemble the photos in chronological order and display them that way...

   In the end I guess the motive behind progressive photos doesn't really matter, as long as you get to keep the memories, right?  I'm super curious to see who else has a photo spot tradition!  Please please let us know on Twitter or Facebook… and make sure you include photos!  (can we talk about how I should never have black hair ever again???!!!) 


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