Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Cleaning BGM Tour Of The Magic Kingdom!

   One of my non Disney hobbies is cleaning.  I really enjoy cleaning.  And while I keep an orderly home day to day, I do dedicate one day per season to a DEEP DEEP SCRUB DOWN.  These are the days where I start to resent my rampant insistence on keeping a schedule.
   The day always starts off well and good. But by the end of the day I'm generally exhausted…but the rewards of a sparkling house ultimately make the whole ordeal worth while.  To offset the overall monotony of these deep cleaning days I created the SUMMER CLEANING BGM TOUR OF THE MAGIC KINGDOM!

   The goal is to be done with your entire Summer cleaning (or spring, fall, winter…) by the end of the playlist.  If you're anything like me, you will break the whole thing down into time allotments. For instance:

   - Magic Kingdom Entrance Loop - Clean bathroom 
   - Main Street USA - Organize hall closets
   - Adventureland - Clean bedroom / bedroom closet
   - Frontierland - break
   - Liberty Square - Living Room
   - Fantasyland - Foyer / Dining 
   - Tomorrowland - Kitchen

   You see? It becomes a race against the clock…and a little bit more fun than the usual day spent cleaning.  I encourage you to customize your schedule…keeping in mind that I included a few attraction audio clips in the mix as well…which should be considered as part of the land that they're found it.  
   Here is the playlist:

   Whew! That was a long day, wasn't it!?!  I hope you had a great time cleaning you home.  If you took part in this silly exercise in Disney integration, I'd love to hear about it over on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! 


  1. Wow. That's pretty epic. Thanks for putting this together! I see you're still a fan of the classic Main Street loop. What are your thoughts on the loop that has been playing the last few years, which includes the main titles from "Up"?