Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Shake To Randomize: Epcot's Japan

    Two counties down, nine to go in our Shake To Randomize tour of World Showcase! It seems like people actually PREFER the photos when I "shake" a very stylized filter…and after a special request on Twitter, were headed to Japan, which happens to be just that.

   The Japan pavilion lends itself so well to photographs, its pretty hard to take a bad picture here!  With its over the top icons like the torii gate  and enormous pagoda there is always something to focus on.

   The landscape in the Japan pavilion is very detailed.  A rough around the edges dark filter like this combo makes it hard to show off these fine details.  But it does make everything look a little melancholy, which I love.

   I love the bonsai trees brought out for the Flower & Garden festival!  This shot is taken from behind the garden, because any opportunity to fit in the torii gate, I take it. 

   Which country would you like to see next in our Shake To Randomize tour of World Showcase?  Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!  Better yet, tag us in a photo of World Showcase on Instagram.

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