Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shake To Randomize: Epcot's China

   I can hardly believe how quickly our shake to randomize tour is progressing! Probably because I've been having so much fun sharing these photos. :/
   Today we're visiting a pavilion that falls somewhere in the middle for me, as far as appreciation goes. Sure, the China pavilion is no Norway...but heck, it's not nearly as bad as Italy either.  

   The pavilion does have a lot going for it though, as far as being photogenic is concerned. The paifang gate framing the Temple of Heaven is particularly gorgeous. On this particular day I "shook" a simple classic Hipstamatic filter combo. The soft warm film quality really compliments the pavilion, especially all the vibrant reds.

   These simple filters also make the best choices for portraits as well. There are no weird blurs or light leaks to take away from the subject matter. The simple beige border is also pretty unubtrusive. 

   I adore the warm vintage quality of this lens and film's pretty rare that I shake such a fitting combination. I included the last photo from the Temple Of Heaven ceiling to give an indoor example.'s cool but I don't love it. 

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