Monday, June 16, 2014

Ice Cream Coffee Float at Epcot's L'Artisan Des Glaces

   We can't believe how much we fell in love with L'Artisan Des Glaces when it opened in the France pavilion at Epcot last year.  Not only is it a vast improvement over the bakery that previously occupied the space…but the continued evolution of their menu is much appreciated.
   In addition to their selection of homemade ice cream and boozy ice cream martinis, they have subsequently added macaroons, ice cream brioche, and the item I'd been waiting for most…ice cream coffee floats.

   The ice cream floats, or cafe glace if you want to be fancy, is found on the temporary screen menus found near the register.  There is room for customization here, by way of your ice cream flavor.  You can choose from any of the 16 flavors available to accompany your coffee.  These flavors have stayed consistent since the shop opened over a year ago. Favorites include salted caramel,  coconut white chocolate, pistachio, and profiterole.

   I asked the lovely cast member what her favorite pairing with coffee was…and I was happy to hear her mention the hazelnut.  To me this seemed like such an obvious duo,  and I went with her suggestion.  
   A generous scoop of ice cream is topped with espresso and whipped cream.  I NEVER add sugar to my coffee…and don't drink sugary beverages in general, so I was pretty scared that this treat would turn me off a bit.

   Though it was a bit on the sweet side (I mean, ice cream and whipped cream…duh) as soon as I thought of it more as a dessert, and less as my afternoon coffee I enjoyed it quite a bit.  The hazelnut was a perfect counter to the bitter espresso…but I imagine the salted caramel and profiterole are amazing in this as well.
   The only thing I would change is the coffee to ice cream ratio. I'd prefer less ice cream, which sounds a little crazy I know.  But serious, the more coffee the better.

   We adore L'Artisan Des Glaces…the ice cream couldn't be any more tasty.  Adam is content having his coconut white chocolate ice cream, I love that the menu has seen changes over the last year, giving me reasons to go back every trip.  The cafe glace is a welcome addition to the menu, and I can't wait to see the next tasty treat is.

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