Friday, June 27, 2014

A Few More Details At Serka Zong Bazaar

   Back in April we took a quick look at Animal Kingdom's Serka Zong Bazaar, which is one of my favorite shops in all of Walt Disney World. My love for the store stems almost exclusively from its wonderful theming, and not its wares. (though you can buy prayers flags here!)  The walls are completely covered in ambiguously Asian knickknacks…be them practical or fanciful.

   These artifacts give the store a lived in feel, which suits the equally worn Asia area of the park.  The store does feel very cluttered at times, especially in the middle of the day when Expedition Everest is the main draw of the park.  Don't let that frighten you away though! Its worth a trip inside just to marvel at the gorgeous theming.  Here are a few of the more outlandish masks.

   These mask are probably from Bali, and remind me of one we recently purchased in Washington D.C.  Take a minute and read about the uses of masks in Bali! Very cool indeed.  The ambiguous nature of the artifacts works really well, considering Anandapur/Serka Zong are pretty ambiguous themselves.  They seem to be a melange of attributes that spans Asia.

   Aren't these wonderful? Though I rarely buy anything in this store, I always make a point to stop by and snap a few photos of the terrific theming.  In fact, this shop has served as a reference point in our own "imagineering" of our bedroom. When were finished I'll be sure to share side by side photos.

   Do you love Serka Zong Bazaar as much as we do?  Do you have another favorite shop at Disney's Animal Kingdom?  Let us know on Twitter!