Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Disney Hipster Disney World Exam!

On Episode 104 of the Disney Hipster Podcast, we, along with Jamie and Keith, take a 60 question Exam based on Walt Disney World basics. There's also a few trivia like questions mixed in because some un-named cohost doesn't know how to listen to the rules :/ The episode comes out on Sunday May 25th, at 12pm.

We got the idea when all of the school aged kids of our friends and family were recently taking their state exams. We wondered how much basic stuff about WDW we wouldn't know if we were forced to take a test about it. We also thought we should post the questions in advance so the listeners could play along. :)

If you'd like to take the exam to see how you do before listening to the episode, the Exam is posted after the jump...

The Disney Hipster WDW Exam
1.       What year did the MK open?
2.       How many Adventureland tiki drums are there?
3.       What is the regular and DVC Disney Resort hotel check-in and check-out times?
4.       Who is the most recent president to be sitting down in Hall of Presidents?

5.       What day and year did Walt die?

6.       What brand of ketchup does Disney world use?

7.       What terminal AND level do you catch the Magical Express at Orlando International?

8.       What brand of water does Disney World sell?

9.       How many square miles is WDW?

10.   What was the last world showcase pavilion added?

11.   What flavors of soft serve does Aloha Isle carry?

12.   What are the eight available colors when choosing your magic band?

13.   What is the phone # to make ADRs?

14.   How many drops are there on Splash Mountain?

15.   How many stops does the electrical water pageant make if the MK is open until 11pm? Extra Credit if you can name the locations and order in which it stops.

16.   If you were to alphabetize all the current attractions (not counting meet and greets) at the Magic Kingdom, what would be first?

17.   What are the dominations of Disney Dollars?

18.   Which is NOT an actual frozen treat location:
a.       Kabuki Cafe
b.      Peevy's Polar Pipeline
c.       Maurice's Frozen Treat Machine
d.      Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway

19.   How many rows are on a current MK Pirates boat?

20.   Name 2 films advertised inside The Tree of Life.

21.   What moderate hotel was the first?

22.   What is the price of parking at WDW?

23.   What are the 2 background colors used on the majority of the WDW road signs?

24.   At the entrance to WDW property you pass under the entrance sign that features Mickey and Minnie – which one is on the left?

25.   Name the two water parks on property?

26.   What is the price of a round of mini golf?

27.   What types of nuts can you get cinnamon glazed throughout the parks?

28.   What are the full titles of all four Pirates of The Caribbean films (in order)?

29.   How much does a school bread currently cost?

30.   Put these attractions in order of length…shortest to longest.
a.       Enchanted Tiki Room
b.      Spaceship Earth
c.       Impressions De France
d.      Country Bear Jamboree

31.   What 2 countries do not light up during illuminations?

32.   What is the name of the roadie that the Aerosmith guy asks to hand him his Les Paul?

33.   What two places can you find Magic Cookie Bars?

34.   How many spitting camels are there in Adventureland?

35.   How much does it currently cost to park a car at a WDW park?

36.   Spell

37.   What’s Walt full name?

38.   What is the name of the "main store" (Emporium, Mouse Gear etc…) on Discovery Island at Animal Kingdom?

39.   Name 7 Non Disney Films that are practically showcased (not the final film) in The Great Movie ride?

40.   What are the names of the mother, father, son and daughter in Carousel of Progress?

41.   How many people fit in 1 row on WDW Soarin?

42.   Between Space Mountain and Spaceship Earth:
a.       Space Mountain has a higher capacity per hour.
b.      Spaceship Earth has a higher capacity per hour.
c.       Both are roughly the same.

43.   Name 1 of the 9 food or drink locations at Blizzard Beach.

44.   What are the animals on the benches of AK?

45.   What is the name of the body of water in front of MK?

46.   Who is the current sponsor of Living With The Land?

47.   What are the 5 types of creatures on the Animal Kingdom entry sign.

48.   Where are the restrooms in Liberty Square located?

49.   What is the name of the Cirque du Soleil in WDW?

50.   Who is the current sponsor of the various "photo spots"?

51.   What is the scent of the Shampoo currently used at Disney Resorts?

52.   Who sponsors Spaceship Earth?

53.   How many color monorails are there?

54.   What is the current price of a ‘Length of Stay’ Rapidfill Mug?

55.   Complete this attraction quote (5 words): "The approaching storm may seem violent and destructive to us, but to nature it's a new beginning _ _ _ _ _.”

56.   What are three of the six Jeopardy categories on EEA?

57.   Name all 3 dinner shows on WDW property.

58.   How many ferrys currently run between the TTC and the Magic Kingdom? Bonus points if you can name both.

59.   What is the Final Jeopardy Answer in Ellen’s Energy Adventure?

60.   What is Phylicia Rashad’s character name on Countdown to Extinction?
Do you do better than we did? Spolier…we didn't do very good :( Let us know on twitter @disneyhipsters or in the comments below.

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