Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Repurposed "Boat Benches" on Castaway Cay

   When people first think of Castaway Cay (Disney's private Bahamian island…) most would assume the island is an immaculate wonderland on par with a Disney theme park.  Yes, the island is meticulously maintained…but also has a fun rough textured theme throughout.
   There are confined gardens, next to wild foliage. Most paths are paved, but there are also dirt trails.  This side by side of wild/order works particularly well on Castaway Cay. The best comparison, for those who have never been, is Typhoon Lagoon. 

   A great example are the benches found throughout the islands walkways.  These benches are made out of repurposed wooden boat pieces! And if they ARENT repurposed, then Disney did a damn good job of convincing me otherwise. :)

   I love that some of the "boat benches" have the front part of the boat still attached and covered.  This provides a very convenient place to put your drink while relaxing.  Ahh. I can taste the Konch Kooler now.

   Some of the benches are a little lopsided…which makes sitting a little awkward. But still, these are ridiculously charming.  These would be terrific in a backyard/patio setting. 

   Pretty neat right?  As soon as we stepped foot on the island I knew I needed photos of these benches. Bright, rugged, and awesome.  These fit right in with the overall theme of the island…if there is one at all.  Though they're not the most comfortable things in the world, they really do add to the feel of this paradise.


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