Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Three More Donruss Disneyland Bubblegum Cards

   A few weeks ago my dad shared a few of his favorite 1965 Disneyland Donruss bubblegum cards… and people enjoyed them so much that over time I would love to share the whole series! There are 66 total cards, and of course my dad had to buy the whole set.
   The backs of the cards create a giant puzzle of Disney characters, and while I'm not including them in this post, I would like to see the whole puzzle put together one day.  Here are three more of these fabulous images…

   Wow! These are seriously great.  I especially love the Alice In Wonderland card.  I wish Disney would release a set of these for every big anniversary, considering how much they love to push collectibles down peoples throats.  Thats something I could get behind.  

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