Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Theming At Animal Kingdom's Serka Zong Bazaar

   A subsection of the Asia area of Disney's Animal Kingdom is the town of Serka Zong, which is located at the base of Expedition Everest.  This mountain town, and its theming, are subtly different than the village of Anandapur…located just down the road.  Here you will find the Serka Zong Bazaar…more commonly referred to as the "Everest Shop."

   As we have discussed before, the town of Serka Zong has a strong belief in, and reverence toward, the yeti.  This theme pops up throughout the area, but is up front and center inside the store.

   One of the displays features this gorgeous representation of the beast.  Made mostly of strands of cloth and an elaborate mask, it actually reminds me of traditional African dance costumes.  The level of detail featured in the display is unlike anything I've ever seen in a Disney park store before.  And it continues throughout the shop as well...

   These masks are located around/behind the giant yeti.  Because of their placement they actually look like they're for sale, but alas, you can't take them home.  


   Various masks and prayer idols (like the ones seen on the actual attraction) flank the walls, adding a lot of texture to the room. In addition to the more decorative pieces there are also more utilitarian objects, like pots and pans. The dusty nature of these knick knacks is so appropriate, that it would seem weird if everything was perfectly organized and "clean."

   Even though the merchandise is pretty terrible, this is a must do store for me.  I love to poke around the theming and see if I can find something interesting and new, which I almost always can.  There is so much to look at and explore, if you only take an extra minute to do so.


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