Friday, April 18, 2014

The Art of Walt Disney Division Pages

   I was given a copy of The Art Of Walt Disney for my birthday this past year, but was unable to delve into it until recently.  Thank goodness I finally did!  The 1975 art book is full of amazing colorful stills, as well as concept art, layout pieces, and incredible photos from the early days of Walt Disney World!  
   The stylized graphic illustrations in the book are what caught my eye initially.  The simple layout of the cover (I assume there was a book cover at one point…) is just perfect.

   I'm very excited to get into this book, and eventually share some of the cool images with you!  But I was so compelled to share the section division pages that I couldn't wait any longer.  Check out that Mary Poppins. Could she be any more perfect?

   Is it just me, or would the Mary Poppins make a fantastic tattoo?  These are so stark, and weird, and totally 1970's in there implementation.  I absolutely adore them.


  1. Oh my gosh, I have that book!!!! It's been in our family for years and I remember looking through it when I was just a young'un!! Thanks for making me smile today!!