Monday, April 14, 2014

Six Things I DON'T Hate About The Italy Pavilion At Epcot

   The Italy pavilion at Epcot is not my favorite. In fact, it is probably pretty close to the bottom.  If you've ever listened to the Disney Hipster Podcast you may have heard us harp on how blah the pavilion is, and how there is generally nothing to do there. We do like Tutto Gusto and Via Napoli…but besides that the area is kind of, well…ugly.
   I understand that the space is supposed to represent different architectural elements from throughout Italy…which makes it vast and disjointed. However, this technique has been applied far better in the other pavilions.  (Germany and Norway are both terrific examples.)
   But guess what?! I'm not here to be negative nancy today…I'll save that for another time. At the tail end of our long October trip to Walt Disney World I went out of my way to find a few decorative elements in the Italy pavilion that didn't piss me off…and here they are.

Hey, I know its just a doorknob…but heck, at least its something. 
It's nice flourishes like this that I've never noticed in the pavilion... 

It's not that I like the sign for La Gemma Elegante so much…but I LOVE
the detail at the top. 

Closeup…this guy is awesome.  

Wonderful detail on an outside wall. Great design, but it still looks
incredibly cheap/fake. Which I think is the root of the pavilion's problem.  

Another FABULOUS detail in Italy that I'd never noticed before.  A wonderful
stanchion for a restricted stair...

I'm basically obsessed with her. 

I didn't have to think hard about this one. I've always loved the little donkey cart.
I've never ordered anything from here, so I'm not exactly sure what the donkey cart
serves. But I'm jealous of the cast member who gets to work here. 

Donkey cart detail... 

Can you tell I'm feasting of scraps?  Hey, I literally had to find something that DIDNT 
offend me…and this rustic wine press/barrel isn't bad at all, right?  They're probably the most 
authentic items in the whole pavilion. 

   See guys? I'm not a total grump! I was able to find six things in Italy that didn't totally offend my delicate sensibility. Thought they're all on the small side, they do all add a little bit of charm to the pavilion that is otherwise lacking.  I'm pretty obsessed with the "donkey cart" and if they serve beer…even Moretti…I think I'll have to order one on our next trip.
   If you would like to read a very extensive look at the pavilion I'd recommend visiting our friends over on 


  1. This post seriously cracked me up because I've been tough on the Italy pavilion as well. Having lived in Italy for a brief time as a child, I find the pavilion so lacking.