Friday, April 4, 2014

Shake To Randomize: Cool Photos Around Big Thunder Mountain...

   Disney Hipster Blog is primarily a photo blog…with a little bit or writing thrown in here and there.  We mostly use the Hipstamatic app, available on iTunes, because of the fun (or basic…) filter options. Plus, heck, it just seemed downright appropriate.
   One of the great features is the "shake to randomize" option, which jumbles the lens, film, and flash…creating thousands of potential options.  (Hipstamatic has hundreds of filter upgrades, which we highly recommend.)  While we're at Disney World, collecting blog posts, I often "shake" my phone to create interesting new photos for the site.  These random settings are often horrible catastrophes, but every once in a while I get some seriously cool shots.
   Thus is the case in this set of photos that we took around Big Thunder Mountain.  I love the way these came out…

    You definitely have to be careful when you "shake to randomize," especially in the heat of the moment trying to capture something.  I'd say the odds of getting a good combination are ten to one…but when you land on a good setting the outcome is totally worth it.  Right?!

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