Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Frontierland's Briar Patch

   Nestled in the heart of Frontierland, below the fiberglass briar patch of Splash Mountain is, well, Briar Patch. This unassuming store is actually pretty cool.

   Not to be confused with the Splash Mountain gift shop, this store is located next to the main thoroughfare in this area.  The entrance blends perfectly with the surrounding space. The red rocks and gnarled root system contort around the doors and windows making up the homes of several "critters" that call the shop home.

    The inside of the store is marvelous.  Low ceilings, dim lighting, worn wood details all make for great atmosphere.  Included in the theming are two wonderful rocking chairs located in the middle of the room near the giant stone fireplace.   On a hot day at the Magic Kingdom there is no petter place to relax.

   The merchandise in this location are extremely generic.  Lots of prepackaged candy, plush, t-shirts, and autograph books adorn the shelves, with a smattering of Frontierland specific items as well.  This homogenized merchandise is nothing new, and shouldn't be encouraged at all. However, this shop is worth visiting if only to admire the attention to detail...

   Remember how I mentioned critters earlier?  If you look toward the ceiling you can get a diorama style peek into their homes.  The purple light emanating from these dioramas and the lanterns hanging from the "roots" add to the terrific lighting in the store.  Is this the most dim store at Disney World?

    Sure, the merchandise is standard, but the ambiance and detail of this store make it worth visiting.  Next time your in Frontierland make sure you stop by and visit the critters…if you're lucky you might snag a coveted rocking chair for a while! ;)


  1. I absolutely love the Briar Patch - one of the first places I worked at Walt Disney World. The merchandise is WDW generic, but if you look around you'll realize it specializes in items for small children. That's because the shelves are stocked to please parents/grandparents and the little kids who have to wait while older siblings go on Splash Mountain! It's a great stop if you have a toddler or baby and are looking for tiny clothes, but don't want the hassle of the Emporium.

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