Saturday, April 19, 2014

BGM Of The Week: Tomorrowland

   Among the most amazing music loops found at Disney World is the one found in Tomorrowland.  Despite the land being a general disaster  the atmosphere is somewhat maintained at nighttime.  There is something very special about all the green and purple neon with this whimsical faux futuristic music playing.

Yes, I know this is from Disneyland…but I really like this picture. 

    Besides being stylistically amazing, this loop also contains melodies from some of Tomorrowland's classic tunes.  Keep your ears open for Now Is The Time, Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, Miracles From Molecules, and If You Had Wings.  Seriously a great loop to enjoy while being lazy around your house! 

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  1. Have you heard the Tokyo Disneyland version of this loop? It's also available on Youtube. It's obviously the same guy doing the music but it's a bit more laid back, with fewer electronic noises and more "Disney future" melodies woven in.