Saturday, April 5, 2014

BGM Of The Week: International Gateway

   Here's the thing about Disney parks background music, (or BGM…but you already knew that.) sometimes it doesn't always work.  Whether it be too obnoxious, too subtle, or out of place…the BGM of an area can literally define the feeling of the space.  Luckily, we are focusing on the good background music loops…and today we are featuring one of my absolute favorites.

Hey…this was the ONLY picture I could find of myself at International Gateway…

   International Gateway is the "back" entrance area of Epcot, between the France and UK pavilions in World Showcase.  Not really an area of the park per se, but it does feature one of the most pleasant BGM loops around.  Comprised of music from around World Showcase pavilions, it manages to be interesting/busy without being annoying.  Seriously a fun listen.

   Have you ever noticed the music here before?  Probably not…seeing that very few guests venture this far from World Showcase.  I applaud Disney for creating this fabulous loop for such an underutilized area. :)


  1. I love listening to the Background music loops! You guys turned me on to it! I have never thought to do that before and now it's my favorite way to get excited for upcoming vacations! Next vacation 9/7/2014-9/12/2014 staying at Bay Lake Tower! BTW, I'm the one that got the zebra dome recipe and I know I promised I would try to make it but its soooooo complicated lol!