Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Two New Contributors To Disney Hipster Blog...

   Things can get a little hectic here at Disney Hipster Blog. Between the podcast, blog, guest appearances, and general exhaustion of social media sometimes it is can be a little overwhelming.  Though I absolutely love writing this blog (seriously, its my favorite thing in the world) the rapid growth of the site has lead me to the option of hiring more permanent contributors.  
   We have had guest contributors in the past (and still will…) but these two lovely kids will be featured on the blog in a much more structured and scheduled manner.  Without further adieu…

Adam…who we will refer to as "Adam B." so that things won't 
get confusing.  

and the lovely Kim!

      These are two extremely creative folks, who have proven themselves to be Disney Hipster worthy!  Kim (who lives near Disney World!!!) can be found on Twitter @_kimtaylor! While Adam (who lives near Disneyland!!!) can be found on Twitter @Adambritten!  Make sure to follow both of them. What great luck we had, finding two people that live near parks on both coasts. Amazing.  
    In addition to their contributions to the site,  there is a strong chance that they will also make guest appearances on the Disney Hipster Podcast as well. We can't wait to see what Kim and Adam have to share with us.  

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