Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Three Vintage Tomorrowland Attraction Posters

   Its been quite a while since we last explored the total awesomeness of the Poster Art Of The Disney Parks book!  Which is ridiculous, because it is one of the few books that NEVER strays from our coffee table.  I absolutely adore this book, as a Disney fan, as an art fan, and as a lover of oversized bulky books.
   I've been pretty obsessed with vintage Tomorrowland and all of its over the top campy grandeur.  Here are three fabulous vintage attraction posters from that beloved time period:

 Rocket To The Moon, Disneyland
Bjorn Aronson, 1955

Flight To The Moon, Disneyland and Walt Disney World
Ken Chapman, 1967 

Space Station X-1,  Disneyland
Bjorn Aronson, 1955

  I'm absolutely in love with the Rocket To The Moon poster.  Something about the sleek design and layout just works so well.  But I do prefer the typeface in the Flight to the Moon poster, a combination of the two might be pretty perfect. 
   Which vintage Tomorrowland attraction poster do you like the most?  


  1. That book is so great and a lot more interesting than it might seem. Love those vintage photos!

  2. This is a great three vintage tomorrowland attraction posters. specially like third posters. You really do have your artwork and craft mastered. I like the feel of the poster. I think having a vintage feel is really part of its charm.