Friday, March 7, 2014

Repurposed Bottle Lights at Sanaa

   As the only restaurant on the Kidani Village side of Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, you might assume that the decor at Sanaa would be top notch.  Clearly you would be correct.  Besides the amazing almost panoramic view of the Sunset Savanna, the level of detail in the decor is among the best at Walt Disney World. 

   From the abundance of gorgeous African artwork and completely immersive aesthetic layout , to the minute details found in the carved wooden chairs…Sanaa is very special.
   On the cultural tour of Kidani Village you spend significant time wandering through Sanaa with your tour guide.  One of the details that I had failed to notice, but was touched upon during the tour, are the fabulous repurposed bottles used at lighting!

   These amazing fixtures mingle among the more common gourd lights,  and add so much to the eclectic melange that makes Sanaa so cozy.  Because of the repurposed nature of these lights, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.

   I just adore these lights.  I honestly never really gave them a second look until they were spotlighted on the tour…and now they're among my absolute favorites.  The soft light, and almost ramshackle look of these fit right in among the more refined pieces and Sanaa, and help create a very fitting ambiance.

   Do you have a favorite piece of decor at Sanaa?  What about lighting fixture??  Let us know over on Twitter, or on our Facebook page! 


  1. Amazed at how obtuse I am. I have eaten there multiple times and never notices these.

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