Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Disneyland 1996 Trip Report…Very Detailed

 Hello, reader(s). Keith here. You may or may not know me from the Disney Hipster Podcast where I play “Keith”. Anyway, Andrew and I have agreed that it is time that I step in occasionally to write a blog post. This may become a semi-regular thing, and I say “may” because I am super lazy.
     I decided to write my first entry (technically second, but the first was ghost written – hey, here’s a thing : the first person to correctly guess which post it was I actually wrote and tweets at me will receive my first ever “favorite” on Twitter and literally nothing else) about the first time Jamie and I visited Disneyland together. Disneyland has been on our collective mind’s a lot recently based on Adam and Andrew’s painstaking decision to cancel their mere-months-away trip due to the park being broken in May, and Jamie and I considering a little jaunt out west to mourn my birthday at the end of the summer.

      Our initial joint venture to Southern California took place in May of 1996 and consisted of a one night stay in The Disneyland Hotel (the only on property option back then) and a one day pass to, well,  Disneyland - as it was so simply and elegantly called back then. I distinctly remember paying (note to self – Google what the price was back then before submitting this to Andrew) which seems downright cheap compared to the price today for a one day admission.

    Though this was our first time there with each other, both of us had been previously – though not often enough nor recently enough to really remember much of anything about the park, so we set off to explore. Now, I could lie to you and make up some an itinerary of what we did that day, but I don’t remember much of anything, and, as it was before the dawn of digital cameras (and the JUST KEEP TAKING PICTURES mindset that comes along with digital images) I don’t have many photos to jog my poor memory. 

   The only attraction I can clearly remember riding was Indiana Jones (and us both really, really liking it) and I am fairly certain we hit Splash Mountain and The Matterhorn, but beyond that is anybody’s guess. We ate…something…probably? I can say we had a really great time (we were young, in love, and in Disneyland, so that’s pretty obvious) and appreciated both the hotel and the park itself immensely. I was actually surprised when I realized that we didn’t go back again for over seven years - though I can assure you there will never be another seven year gap between visits as long as we both shall live.

The end.