Friday, March 14, 2014

Obsessed: The Notorious Banjo Brothers And Bob

   There are basically two sets of Disney World guests.  Those that rush from attraction to attraction, and those who stop and smell the proverbial roses.  Beyond the myriad attractions that litter the Most Magical Place On Earth are also plenty of diversions.  These range from random meet and greet characters to full on shows like the Frontierland Hoedown.
   Mixed among these are the live musical acts that can be found in all four theme parks and across the resort.  Don't be fooled by the hype…the vast majority of these live performers are horrible, and hardly worth your time.

    Among the few entertainers who actually put on a great show are The Notorious Banjo Brothers And Bob.  This simple trio has been serenading Frontierland for years. Their charming banter and wealth of folksy tunes is an impressive feat.  Their set includes classic folk songs, a few contemporary pop songs, as well as Disney songs for good measure.  No other live act at the Magic Kingdom can hold my attention like these guys.   Here is an unfortunately short clip from our October trip:

   The amount of atmosphere that these guys bring to Frontierland cannot be understated.  Anytime I hear the pluck of a banjo string I have to pause for a moment and enjoy their wonderful show…even if it throws off my touring game.  Truly a stop and smell the roses type of group.

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