Saturday, March 29, 2014

BGM Of The Week: Fantasyland Station / Storybook Circus

   I'm mildly obsessed with Storybook Circus.  This small subsection of New Fantasyland trumps all of the other additions.  From the tiniest detail (peanuts in the sidewalk…) to the over the top craggy camp of Pete's Silly Sideshow, this area is a wonderful example of a well executed idea.

    Among those tiny details, that are SO IMPORTANT to the collective whole, is the intensely upbeat and whimsical background music loop!  The train station motif makes itself known throughout this loop, which is exactly how it should be.  I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do…even if it is more upbeat than I usually prefer...


  1. Oh my, this is perfection! I almost lost it when I heard "Little Toot" start playing. I guess it's only appropriate that one of my favorite spots in the Magic Kingdom plays music from one of my favorite films!