Friday, February 28, 2014

Whimsical Country Bear Holiday Water Color Paintings

   The talent and diversity of the Disney Hipster Melange never ceases to amaze me. And our Twitter friend Lauren (@LeRidiculous) might be among the most amazing.  Here are a series of whimsical water color painting depicting none other than Frontierland's own Country Bears!  Not only that…but they each represent a different holiday. THIS IS AMAZING.

Big Al / Valentines

 Fred / Fourth Of July

Trixie / New Years

Zeke / Halloween  

Shaker / Christmas

   So amazing right!?!?  I'm pretty obsessed with these…and seriously can't wait until Lauren does some more! (hey…there are a LOT of Country Bears)  If you want to see more of Lauren's awesome work go visit her Tumblr page!  


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