Friday, February 7, 2014

Quick Thoughts On Our First Disney Cruise...

   So, I'm not in the mood to fully blog quite yet.  After a whirlwind trip like this one I need to decompress a little, and mentally organize my thoughts and feelings. (not to mention the 1,200 photos…)
   I can tell you up front that we enjoyed our cruise quite a bit.  Though the experience isn't what I was expecting, it did have the same level of Disney magic that I've come to expect from the parks.  A good way to judge if I'm having a good time is whether I start crying from happiness…and that happened a few times.  Also, we're already talking about booking our next cruise…so that speaks volumes.
   Castaway Cay exceeded every possible expectation.  This island is gorgeous, and has phenomenal amenities. We really enjoyed our day on the island, especially riding our bikes and collecting seashells. There will be plenty of posts about this in the future…but I will probably drag them out a little bit over time.
   Another interesting series of posts will be about the veggie food options on The Magic.  While a lot of the food was super delicious, we also had a few disappointing meals…and you know I can't wait to share my feelings about that. :)
   So in lieu of a more in depth post now, I thought I would share a few of my favorite photos from the cruise…

You guys!!! They still have Nescafe on the cruise!!! 

Adam relaxing in O'Gills... 

Goofing around with Chip & Dale... 

Our first taste of Castaway Cay... 


This makes me smile so hardcore. 

Hanging out with Peter and AnnMarie on our last night. :)

   Rest assured, I have a lot of stuff to say about our first cruise…and I can't wait to share my thoughts over the next few months.  


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  2. Nadia CastilloFebruary 7, 2014 at 2:18 PM

    SOOO happy you guys finally experienced a Disney Cruise!!! Excited to hear your thoughts. But believe me, Fantasy and Dream are faaar superior to the Magic. You'll see...

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