Monday, February 3, 2014

Lets Ride Some Disney World Spinners!

   So, its been almost a year since I last released an original song about Disney World…but guess what!?! Under the cover of darkness I managed to throw one together!  This one celebrates those underrated off the shelf attractions that many despise….the humble spinner.

   If you made it through to the end of the video…you might have caught the release date for my LONG AWAITED ALBUM ABOUT DISNEY WORLD…that I've been hinting at for almost two years.   So yeah, June 3rd all of my songs will be available on iTunes…more info to come.

   Huge thanks to the amazing Kim Taylor for spending her time off in the Magic Kingdom gathering videos for this video. She seriously is such an asset to Disney Hipster Blog, and we love her. :)

   If you love the song/video please feel free to share via social media!  We would really appreciate it. 

1 comment:

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