Thursday, February 13, 2014

Norwegian Cast Member Videos / Mystery Loop

UPDATE: The CM who made these videos is pretty legit.  I'm going to bet that the loop is real…though not sure about the order or even if it comes from multiple loops throughout the pavilion.  You can visit his awesome site here.   Also, he apparently still works at Epcot.
   Hey guys.  Dedicated readers probably notice that this blog entry is a little out of the ordinary.  First, its on a Thursday…second, I'm writing it around 12:30 in the afternoon.  You see, I'm snowed in.  Like, completely 100% no chance of getting out of our house snowed in.
   To stave off boredom (pun intended) I've been cataloguing my collection of Disney World background music loops.  Over the last year or so simple searches on youtube of Epcot Norway Music Loop always leads to the same few totally incomplete/wrong loops.  But also to this little nugget of a video...

   The music definitely sounds right, and the person who uploaded clearly was a cast member at the pavilion as recently as 2013.  My question for you guys…Is this the the background music loop currently played at the Norway pavilion in Epcot?  I know this is amateur hour, but as the Dibster is quick to point out the BGM in this pavilion is pretty hard to hear between all the superfluous noise wafting about.  So please, if anyone can confirm or deny with 100% confidence, I would be very happy. 

   Also, enjoy this video from the same former CM touring the VIP lounge above the pavilion, I thought it was pretty cool. 


  1. I was a Cast Member in the Norway pavilion until April this year and that is the music loop that is played. I just spent 6 months outside in that pavilion greeting guests about the closed ride, so I would know. The CM who posted this is currently blacklisted from the company after some very inappropriate interviews on television.

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