Friday, February 14, 2014

Disney Cult Food Valentines!

   Happy Valentines Day readers!  You remember that time New Jersey got so much snow that I basically didn't leave my house at all for a month?  Well…maybe not a month, but yesterday at least.  I found a lot of time to prepare these ridiculous Valentines featuring not only your favorite Disney Hipsters…but also some of our favorite Disney World cult foods...

Me and my true love…school bread. 

Disney Hipster Jamie and Her Blue Mints...

Adam with a PB&J milkshake from 50's Primetime Cafe...

Me again, cheating on School Bread with Zebra Domes.
Trust me, its hard not to make a packing fudge joke. But Keith DOES kind of
look like a hot santa claus. 

   So there you are! My Valentines day treat for our faithful followers.  I love all you guys and hope you eat your favorite Disney cult food soon! (and if not, at least an entire box of chocolates…)

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