Friday, February 21, 2014

Animal Kingdom Artifact: Some New Shots From The Arusha Rock Overlook

   We spend the last four or five hours of each Disney World vacation relaxing at our favorite resort…Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Even though our most recent trip was only a few short days, I insisted on upholding the tradition.  I tend to spend a large portion of this time swimming, drinking, and taking a lot of photos. (and crying…don't forget crying.)
   One of the best places to take photos is the Arusha Rock Overlook… which we wrote about here and here.   I snapped quite a few pictures on this last trip.  Here are a few.

I thought it was weird that the fire was burning in the middle of the day... 

Still perplexed by the new "little fire" in this corner. Anyone know 
what this is used for?  

Literally my favorite place in the world.  

Funny thing is…the pelicans were over at another waterhole. 

   You guys might be happy to know, that while on this photo expedition I also gathered another 20 minutes of the Arusha music loop!  I should have it posted in the next few weeks. 


  1. The little fire is used for roasting marshmallows!

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