Monday, January 20, 2014

Six Things I Hate About Tomorrowland

   Tomorrowland hatred is a fairly obvious assumption.  Whether in the Magic Kingdom or at Disneyland…this place is a disaster area.  The funny thing about my own personal distaste for Walt Disney World's version is that it is purely aesthetic.
   As far as attractions go, I'm not all that turned off.  Carousel Of Progress is one of my favorites and I love Space Mountain.  (In fact, the Space Mountain exterior would be an appropriate jumping off point for a Tomorrowland refurbishment. ) Whether or not I enjoy the other attractions is neither here nor there…the fact is, the facades are all pretty horrible.
   The thing about Tomorrowland is that it should be simple. sleek. and white.  The current iteration is bogged down by clutter, and not cool clutter.  Just random junk with no real purpose other than to fill space in an area that should be vastly empty.  If a full blown refurbishment isn't in the cards for Tomorrowland, a few minor changes could be made to up the aesthetic value of the land.
   Here are some examples of things that should either be taken out or changed.

   You guys knew the floating marble would be on my list, right?  Yes, it is very cool…and not even that bad from a design aspect…but why is it here?  Are we so desperate for stuff to do at The Magic Kingdom that we need to through diversions into the middle of a busy walkway?  
   The Cool Ship and Cool Scanner are both totally unnecessary.  The Cool Ship is enormous and only serves soda (and chips?)  Since there are much smaller food carts near by, this could be removed without disturbing peoples eating habits.  The signs are gaudy and very Tomorrowland 1994. 

   The "news robot" is another great example.  It is a diversion, set up to keep kids entertained…and yet, its a disaster to look at. Plus, its placed in an already congested area between two different attraction queues.
   Carousel of Progress is a timeless attraction…with the worlds most dated and hideous sign ever.  This monstrosity comes off as desperate, and even though its in a planter it still takes up way too much space.  The replacement should be simple and understated.

   These last two are anomalies.  Each is a sign to nowhere.  Announcing to the audience either "look at where you are" or "look at whats closed."   Despite the fairly obvious need for removal, they remain strong…the only purpose of which is to get in guests way.
   Tomorrowland is definitely long over due for a lengthy refurbishment, but given the current theme park climate I doubt we will get one any time soon.  A basic "spring cleaning" of the area, including purging the above clutter, would make such a world of difference.  Thus we can prolong the immediate need for a costly re-theme.

    What do YOU think?  Do you like Tomorrowland the way it is?  If you could change ONE THING what would it be?  Share with us over on Twitter or on our Facebook page!


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  2. I think I'm one of the only people on the planet who liked the idea of the 1998 refurbishment of Tomorrowland in Disneyland. I foolishly attempt to explain why at my blog: The short of it is that I think the idea behind it was good but it was undermined by being underfunded. Ever since, Tomorrowland has been a mess and evolving towards Disney's answer to Universal Studios, which is the wrong direction to be moving in.

    I can only change one thing? Oh gosh... It would be the removal of "licensed" properties... No Pixar, no Marvel, no Lucasfilm. Only Disney branded stuff or original attractions. For Disneyland USA (I can't speak to the Magic Kingdom since I've never been there yet), that leaves a lot of room open to create new attractions or import things from afar... Dinosaur, for example, and/or turn the Starcade into a DisneyQuest-like attraction, and/or create a proper Submarine Voyage 2.0 with all that technology put in place for Finding Nemo, and/or a full-on TRON attraction... I can dream...

  3. To be quite honest, one of the things that irks me so about Tomorrowland are the hideous costumes. I've been to Disney every year for the past 26 years, and when we were little, we used to play the 'who has the worst costumes' game. Tomorrowland always won. Their costumes have always reminded me of vomit for some reason? Could be a Disney childhood memory i'm repressing...

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