Monday, January 27, 2014

Quick Thoughts On Epcot's Frozen Beer

   In the grand tradition of Disney Hipster Blog NEVER reporting about things in a timely fashion, I wanted to share my experience with the frozen Kirin that is available at Epcot's Japan pavilion.
   When this beer first debuted (well over a year ago, duh…) it was big enough news to be featured on Disney Parks Blog.  Of course Disney Food Blog covered it, as did Eating WDW…both in a timely manner.
   So why did it take me so long? Well...

   I guess I thought this frozen bee would be a revelation in beer drinking.  A fun new way to enjoy my favorite drink! But alas, it was just kind of meh.  I like Kirin as much as anybody…it is Japan's Budweiser …and is equally drinkable.  Mind you that drinkable does not equate to good…merely refreshing and cold.

   And that is the problem with a frozen Kirin…it takes away from its drinkability.  The frozen slushy head actually makes it pretty difficult to drink, and manages to stay frozen (even in the Florida heat…) FOREVER.  Tt is a fun novelty, and fits perfectly in the Japan pavilion. However, if something is impeding my chugging a beer, forget about it. 



  1. Yea...tried it last trip. Novel, sure, but not something I need to do again.

  2. Skunky and nasty. Never again.

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