Friday, January 10, 2014

Good Design Bad Design: Ticket and Transportation Center

   Question: Does the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) feature good design elements?  I'm only asking because I seriously can't make up my mind.  On the Disney Hipster Podcast I'm generally well prepared for the "Good Design/Bad Design" segment, because quite frankly I'm very opinionated about Disney.  But the TTC poses a much bigger problem.

   On one had, this area serves an undisputed purpose, and does so pretty efficiently.  When you think of the many thousands of folks using the TTC every single day, it is pretty mind blowing how un-congested the area is.  Sure, there is the occasional long wait for the monorail or ferry, (especially when one or the other isn't operational…) but most of the time its pretty smooth sailing. 
   In this regard the TTC is well designed. The idea of shuttling people to all points across property and having a central hub is pretty great, albeit maddening for some,  and it certainly does a great job of that. 

   On the other hand, focusing solely on aesthetics…this place is a dump.  A jumbled mess of poor graphic design, non cohesive landscaping, (spinning topiaries?!?!), weird metal character cutouts, and poor color choices…all against the stark concrete of the monorail platforms.  This just doesn't make any sense aesthetically.

   The many separate functions of the TTC also don't fit well together.  The ticket booths are relatively ok…no biggie, plus they serve a purpose.  Same thing goes for the lost and found, which is centrally located as it should be, and very unassuming. The Joffrey's coffee kiosk is a disaster to look at, but the piece de resistance of bad design at the TTC is the horrible souvenir shop as your walking toward the parking lot.  THIS PLACE IS A DISASTER on par with the contemporary.

   But here is the problem, for all its flaws, I have a nostalgic soft spot for the current iteration of the TTC.  I know she's a hot mess, but I still love her anyway.   Overall, clearly I have to give it a bad design, but thats sheerly out of moral duty.  This place needs a makeover pronto.


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