Monday, January 13, 2014

Disney Standard Bar Menu: Black Cherry Lemonade

   Many of you might remember my overall disappointment this past October when my beloved citrus infusion was taken off the Disney standard bar menu.  Though it is pretty easy to make, apparently the bars no longer stock all of the necessary ingredients to make it. (trust me, I asked for it a few times…)
   But along with the overhaul of the menu came a few new mixed drinks. Some good, and some really….really bad.   I was happy to find one that I liked quite a bit…

   This drink, my friends, is the black cherry lemonade.  The name caught my eye right away, especially given Disneys past success with black cherry… but I also happen to enjoy a good lemonade now and then.
   The entire Disney Hipster Podcast crew was hanging out at the Uzima Springs pool bar at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge…and it was noon at the latest.  Normally I would be drinking some cheap beer, but I figured being as early as it was that the beer might put me to sleep.  So black cherry lemonade it was.

   This cocktail is a combination of Grey Goose Cherry Noir Vodka, Odwalla Lemonade, fresh Lime Juice, and Grenadine topped with Sprite.  Everything about this drink was working for me.  The sweet cherry/grenadine was offset by the lime juice and lemonade, and the sprite gave it a little fizz. (which I basically required in cocktails…)  The overall flavor was lemonade, though the cherry is definitely there.
   Probably not surprising to anyone, I finished this drink in about ten minutes…and as I got up from our table for round two I definitely felt the vodka.  "Whoa buddy, slow down! Its hardly noon!"

   If I could complain about a few things it would be the overall appearance of the cocktail.  The picture on the menu (above) shows a gorgeous RED cocktail, garnished beautifully. While what I got was pink, with a lemon wedge.  I know, I'm just nit picking…but presentation is key my friends.  Also, if I could change one component of the cocktail I'd replace the Sprite with seltzer in the future.  I'm sure the bartenders could make this happen.  I just don't think the drink needs the added sugar.

   I'm glad I found a standard bar menu cocktail that I can enjoy poolside!  Though I'll continue to miss my citrus infusion, this is a good runner up.


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  2. I agree--for a pink drink, this one isn't overly sweet- just tangy enough, packs a punch, and is easy to go down. I particularly enjoy one on the walk from the Boardwalk to MGM.

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