Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Animal Kingdom Artifact: Awesome Thumb Piano at Kidani Village

   I haven't done an Animal Kingdom Artifact in like, forever.  As I was looking at photos from our October trip (and weeping…) I stumbled upon a great group of photos I took on our last day.  You might remember that we hipsters spend the last four hours or so of each trip relaxing at the resort before we fly home.  "Relaxing" is relative though, in terms of me using it.  You see, I tend to spend those hours taking as many photographs as possible…drinking beer, and crying.
   While exploring the farther reaches of the wings of Kidani Village, I found a great group of artifacts and documented them for you, including a Vine!

   I've always referred to these as "mbiras" and have used them before on recordings…what, you didn't know I was a musician back in the day?  They are a fascinating and gorgeous instrument, which you can read about here.  This was a particularly beautiful antique and my curiosity got the best of me…and since there was no sign saying NOT to touch it…

obviously I had to…

   Do you have a favorite artifact at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge?  Do you prefer the art at Jambo House or Kidani Village?  Let us know over on Twitter or on our Facebook page!

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