Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Music At The Magic Kingdom

   If you're much like us, you've probably been really busy this time of year.  Between shopping, baking, going to holiday parties and visiting friends (plus, you know…work.) it seems pretty impossible to relax.
   One of the easiest ways to get into the holiday spirit is to listen to some great Disney holiday music.  There is something almost ritualistic about turning the christmas tree lights on, lighting your Home For The Holidays Yankee Candle,  drinking some spiked soy nog, and listening to the Main Street USA Christmas music loop...
    Next time you have a free evening, between now and the new year, your homework assignment is to take a deep breath, and enjoy these wonderful holiday treats gathered from youtube…

The Main Street holiday loop is completely different than the year round loop…charming none the less.

One of the catchiest parades around! This will get stuck in your head.

Incredibly beautiful music from Holiday Wishes…

   Do you have a favorite piece of holiday Disney music?  Which park is your favorite to spend the holidays at?  Let us know over on Twitter!  Or join the conversation on Facebook!

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