Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Yes, We Enjoyed Princess Fairytale Hall

   I was distressed last year when Snow White's Scary Adventure closed… and was even more upset when Princess Fairytale Hall was announced.  And though I would much rather have our beloved dark ride, as it turns out, the princess meet and greet isn't all that bad.
   Yes, the exterior is incredibly ugly (but fits in well with "old fantasyland") but the inside isn't all that bad.  I know meet and greets aren't everyones favorite thing, especially solo adult travelers, but these attractions definitely have a huge draw.
   Adam and I headed over to the new spot on the very first day of our September/October trip…using our Fastpass+ reservations to experience all four available princesses.  Here are some pictures from the experience…

   Having very little to do with the attraction itself, I'd like to mention that these girls were totally on point. Apparently Disney was pulling out all the stops when staffing Princess Fairytale Hall.  
   Sorry that this isn't a full review of the interior…but the fact is, on the first day of a vacation I often forget to take photos, even if its pretty important. (like, maybe a new princess meet and greet…I am a grown man after all.)  The Disney Parks Blog video actually does a good job showing it off… but fails to mention the terrific background music loop.

   Have you been to visit the princesses yet?  Do you HATE meet and greets?  Let us know via twitter!

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