Monday, December 2, 2013

The Anandapur Ice Cream Truck

  With the debut of the new Namaste food truck at Downtown Disney, I thought I would take a closer look at its not so distant cousin, the  Anandapur ice cream truck.  I thought for sure I had already featured this splendid snack wagon…but alas, no. Funny how a topic can easily slip through the cracks around here.
   Located in the heavily themed Asia district of Disney's Animal Kingdom,  the ice cream truck is one of the most intricately detailed snack carts at Walt Disney World. (maybe the whole world??)

   Though the food served here is nothing special (think ice cream and soda…) the fantastic decoration makes this spot a must visit for first time park goers.  The brightly colored faux naif paintings on the trucks exterior features scenes from around the fictional Anandapur, which Asia is set.  These fabulous paintings are set within wonderfully weathered carved wooden frames, and cover almost every inch of the space.

   The pylons in the painting above can be found just around the corner, as can the Maharajah Jungle Trek… which is also featured.  I had never noticed these details until our tour guide on the Wild By Design tour pointed it out…very cool.

   The portion of the truck that isn't covered by figurative painting is coated in a matte blue paint.  The color is so imperative to (and implies) any ambiguous southern Asian culture.  The outside is also festooned with metal embellishments, furthering its overall aesthetic value.  This thing is gorgeous.

   Have you ever visited the Anandapur ice cream truck? Did you actually eat anything, or did you merely admire her artistic merit?  Let us know over on Twitter!  Or join the conversation via Facebook!

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