Friday, December 13, 2013

Shop Profile: Hundred Acre Goods

   This year we spent a little more time than usual examining retail opportunities on this blog.  Normally our focus isn't so much on merchandise, but the actual theming and layout of the store itself.  Though The Magic Kingdom probably has the least interesting stores out of the four Walt Disney World theme parks, it does have a few fun little shops.
   As you exit the Winnie The Pooh dark ride you find yourself in one of these…

   Don't get me wrong, this store is merely a dumping ground for those who ride the attraction.  Very few patrons actually walk in through the front entrance.  Rather, Hundred Acre Goods is a 'walk through' type store, where people are basically just trying to find the exit…which is unfortunate, because the theming is so fun!

   Hundred Acre Goods is small…one of the smallest in The Magic Kingdom, but what it lacks in size it makes up in fun colors and theme.  The attraction (which you presumably just got off of…) carries over into the store, continuing the pages from a book motif.   These pages, which are most prominent in the queue, adorn the ceiling, walls, and merchandise toppers.

   The merchandise itself is nothing to write home about.  The emphasis here is clearly preschoolers.  Lots of plush toys, candy, and even baby clothes.  Hey, at least they know the market for this attraction. I would like to see the addition of store specific merchandise.  With Winnie The Pooh being the best selling brand in the Disney canon I don't see why it wouldn't sell well.  Collectors enjoy the hunt as much as the actual purchase, and if Hundred Acre Goods had specific merchandise I'm sure it would be a destination store, and not just a walk through.

 plush and baby stuff...

 candy, and fun honey pot displays...

 Tigger topper...

 Plush, on Plush, on Plush…

   It might be small, but this store defiantly makes the most of the space its allotted.  Bright colors and theme make it a slight improvement over the rest of the Fantasyland stores. (except Big Top Souvenirs…)  With a few minor adjustments in layout and the actual merchandise that it carries Hundred Acre Goods could be a destination shop.  With the foot traffic that this store demands there is no reason for the generic merch.  Do I think it'll change any time soon? No, but I'll cross my fingers none the less. 

   Have you ever bought anything from Hundred Acre Goods? or did you not even realize this shop was here?!?!  Let us know over on Twitter! 


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