Monday, December 16, 2013

Review: Tony's Town Square

   Hell froze over on our most recent trip to Walt Disney World.  Not only did we FINALLY uphold a dining reservation at Tony's Town Square restaurant, but we really enjoyed our meal.  The uproar within the Disney Hipster fandom was palpable.  How could the hipsters actually like Tony's!!??  Well friends, lets go on our culinary journey…

   Tony's Town Square Restaurant is located, as you might guess, at town square on Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom.  Though it has a prime location, it is often subject to malevolent reviews.  The most common complaint is that the food is bland…and frankly, bad.  As far as italian food goes, Disney doesn't have the best reputation.   

   The check in area shares a space with the atrium of the Mickey Mouse meet and greet.  Though this is  a pretty weird feature, it didn't take much away from the experience…though the theming was a little disturbed.   We checked in for our reservation and were promptly seated.  Tony's is NO JOKE when it comes to rushing your experience.  You are quickly seated, and are expected to eat quickly.  They're in the business of turning over tables.

   Inside the restaurant is not much to speak of.  There is a light Lady and the Tramp theme. (Tony's is the restaurant from the famous "spaghetti" scene.)  Pictures from the movie adorn almost every wall. A fountain featuring the titular characters make a gorgeous centerpiece for the main dining room.  The checkered floors are a nice touch…but the upholstery is really vomit worthy. Like, super yucky.

   We started our meal with the parmesan bread appetizer.  I know a lot of people are huge fans of the zucchini fries offered at Tony's…but lets get real, I'm on vacation and I like to eat as much bread as possible.
   When this dish arrived at the table both Adam and I were stunned.  This was NOT what we were expecting in the slightest!  First of all, the parmesan bread is essentially at giant savory muffin.  Secondly, it looked SOOOOOO good!  Crusty, crispy, slightly burnt cheese on top, and dotted with herbs…this bread was amazing.
   It comes with a side of marinara and "alfedo" sauce.  The marinara was just meh…passable for a theme park, but basically no self respecting italian joint.  The "alfredo" on the other hand was very very yummy.  The reason the alfredo is in quotation marks is that it was unlike any alfredo I've ever had.  It seemed to me more like a butter sauce…but again, it was super good, and paired wonderfully with the bread.

   Clearly we were hungry this day!  Because we also ordered the pasta fagioli.  I'm a big fan of tomato based soup, and an even bigger fan of beans. (heck, we're vegetarians, we have to get protein somewhere…) So it was no surprise that I enjoyed this hearty soup.  My only complaint would be the over use of dried italian herbs, and the fact that the dish was served room temperature.  The crusty toasted bread on the side was a nice textural component.

   Our entree was the true stand out of the meal, and one of our favorite things we enjoyed on this two week trip.  Behold, the squash ravioli!  This delightful dish was not only super gorgeous (we were really expecting Tony's food to be kind of ugly…) but it tasted just as good as it looked.
   The ravioli were filled with a very simple winter squash puree, and cooked to a perfect al dente.  They were dressed in an herbed olive oil, and a very light cream sauce.  The plate was finished with fried onions, pepitas, and the most delicious salty/garlicy spinach I've ever had.  We were a little weary about the cream sauce, neither one of us being a huge fan…but like I said, it was very light and created a perfect compliment to the sweet squash filling.  Seriously folks, this was creamy and dreamy.
   Side note, the ravioli is seasonal at Tony's and changes pretty often.  I know recently they were serving a mushroom version…

   So there you go!  The Disney Hipsters, after countless long trips to Disney World (and at least four cancelled reservations…) finally made it to Tony's Town Square Restaurant.  After hearing all the negative reviews over the last few years were went in expecting the worst, and were blown away as our expectations were shattered.
   Thought the interior is only passable,  I will be going back to Tony's again for sure.  It just goes to show that you just have to go out and try something, regardless of neigh sayers.

   Have you ever been to Tony's Town Square?  What was your experience?  Love it? Hate it?  Let us know over on Twitter!


  1. I've had pleasant meals at Tony's....if you can get a seat outside it is fantastic. Watching the Main St. vehicles, character meet and greats and the Dapper Dans go by while enjoying lunch is a true experience.

  2. I have personally had a pleasant meal at Tony's. One of my party the last time she went came down with food poisoning after eating the gnocchi. Sufficient to say, she doesn't want to go back,

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