Friday, December 27, 2013

Picture Time At The Land Pavilion...

   We were recently caught in downpour at Epcot.  Not a sprinkling…but one of those infamous Florida downpours.  The sky suddenly opened up, and I knew we were stuck for a bit. (luckily, these things rarely last too long…)  But of all places to be stranded for a few minutes The Land pavilion at Epcot is probably my number one choice.  Not only is there a few attraction options (including Living With The Land…), and two places to eat, but this pavilion is also ridiculously photogenic!
   I fully utilized our time here during this rainstorm, and put Adam to work as well.  We ended up with a few choice photos using our Hipstamatic app.   Enjoy some of the fun pictures…

 This sign makes me smile every time I see it...

Using a "shuffle" feature on the app…I can't take enough photos of the mosaic. 

This goes against my "no backlight" rule…but I thought it was pretty neat.  


More from the mosaic. 

The Land selfies. 

   There you go! Just a few shots from our time being trapped at The Land! Just goes to show that you can literally make a blog post out of anything. (or at least you can if you're me, and lazy.)  Do you have any cool photos from The Land pavilion?  Please take a moment to share them with us either on Twitter or on Facebook!