Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Its A Small World Pictorial: The Lure Of The South Pacific

   Last moth we first showcased the charm of the It's A Small World: A Disneyland Pictorial , by featuring Europe and the old world.  This week we will take an exotic trip to far away islands with The Lure Of The South Pacific!  We've included this pages illustration, a few stock photos included, and the amazing descriptive text. Enjoy.

The Lure Of The South Pacific

Who has not dreamed of "getting away from it all" to some remote tropical 
island to live with the natives?  The turquoise waters ahead mark our arrival in
just such a place…the alluring world of the South Pacific.

Hawaii "calls" with its captivating hula, swaying palms, and pounding surf.  
Volcano Gods peer down on us from the rugged slopes
of  mysterious Easter Island.  Koala bears, kangaroos and humorous platypus
clamor over the rocky coast of Australia.

Our island-hopping itinerary captures it all…the "wild" fire dancers of
Tahiti…drifting Polynesian outriggers…New Zealand Kiwis…the rhythmic beat of New Guinea drums…even a magical rain forest inhabited by exotic tropical birds.  Little wonder the 
crystal blue lagoons of the South Pacific corner the enchantment 
of our fondest dreams. 

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