Friday, December 6, 2013

Blizzard Beach Bathroom Signage

   Its been such a long time since we've featured bathrooms signage on the blog! Holy moley!  Its been even longer since we last featured signage from Blizzard Beach!!! (remember those awesome snow people?!?!)  With the weather getting progressively more cold, I thought today was a great time.
   Adam and I took some time out of our very busy October trip to spend some time snapping photos at the whimsical water park, and over time I'm sure I'll share a lot of them.  Here are some SUPER CHARMING sex designating signage.  These are located toward the back of the park, as opposed to the snow people signs which are at the front.

   How cute are these signs? Right?  A lot of times people overlook the water parks, assuming that they'll be more run of the mill. But I've found that the theming matches any standard Disney park…and these signs are a great example of that.


  1. I never really noticed those signs until you featured them in your post. Good photos.

  2. I never went to Blizzard Beach while I was there, just Typhoon Lagoon. I did my CP during the Fall/Winter so BB was actually closed most of the time. These are adorable!