Monday, November 4, 2013

Review: Germany's Sommerfest!

   Until recently we had absolutely no reason, besides beer, to visit Sommerfest. However, the Germany pavilion's tiny counter service restaurant recently got a menu update that had piqued our attention!  Lets check it out...

   Like I mentioned, Sommerfest is tiny.  This counter service restaurant is located in the back of St. George Platz, in the cavernous portico entrance of our beloved Biergarten.  Though we adore the signage for these two restaurants, they don't do a great job of making themselves known.  The excessive detail in the paintings probably detracts from the purpose…but I'm just nit picking…they really are as pretty as signs get.

   Sommerfest is set up like most Disney counter service restaurants, with a cashier in front, and the servers behind them handling the food. There are a few tables under the portico, and a few outside.  The outside tables aren't shaded and since your probably drinking beer, are to be avoided.
    The menu here is small, but specific to the pavilion, which is wonderful.  Lets try some of the new offerings!

    Vegetarian options here used to be non existent, but the recent additions of nudel gratin and house made chips has made it a relatively decent option for lunch.  The nudel gratin is essentially mac and cheese. This statement is not meant to dumb it down by any means. You see, this is the macaroni and cheese from Biergarten,  which itself only began serving it in May.  This simple dish is everything that mac and cheese should be.  Densely packed, overly cooked noodles in an eggy cheese sauce and covered in a sharp cheddar cheese.  The cheese layer on top is brown, crispy, and absolutely devine.  And get this…the huge portion you see is only $3.49!!!!!  This dish is entirely two big for one person…especially if you've been snacking already.

   We also sampled the house made chips out of curiosity.  These are touted as fresh potato chips with paprika-curry spice.  And while they are very fresh, they lack severely in the spice department.  Luckily, we had the foresight to ask for a side of curry ketchup! (which normally comes with the currywurst…)  The ketchup is very good, and added a little zip to the chips.  And seriously, who just eats potato chips by themselves?  They really should come with something automatically.

   The charming locale, atmosphere, and delightful new menu has put Sommerfest back on our radar!  There is nothing finer than getting comfortable in the Germany pavilion with some delicious nudel gratin and a Schofferhofer Grapefruit beer while waiting for Illuminations to start. 

   Have you tried the new Sommerfest menu? Whats your favorite item!?!  Let us know via Twitter! or better yet over on Facebook!

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