Monday, November 11, 2013

It's A Small World Pictorial Souvenir: Europe…The Old World

   I was so blessed this past weekend to share my birthday with dozens of amazing friends! Among our guests were the absolutely delightful Frank and Tim, who you should follow on twitter (@FrankenTim).  These guys provided a bounty of amazing Disney related gifts, among them is the PHENOMENAL Its A Small World Disneyland Pictorial Souvenir. 
   Now that The Disney Book Of Knitting is almost a thing of the past, I needed a new fun photo book to obsess over. Well…here it is.

   This book is exactly what you might think, a photo tour of the superlative Disneyland original attraction.  The interior shots aren't phenomenal, they're about as good as you might expect on a dark attraction…but will provided the rider with all the memories they might want.  But among the photos are whimsical brightly colored illustrations, and vivid descriptions of the attraction going scene by scene.  
   Over then next couple of months I'll take you on a tour of It's A Small World and include the illustrations. (And maybe a few of the interior shots…)

Europe… The Old World

A happy melody sails over the top of the world… and our boat follows on a course charted for adventure.  Seals, polar bears, and smiling Eskimo children hail our passing beyond the north polar region into the land of the Fjords…Scandinavia. Ahead, fog swirls about London Bridge…gateway to 
a European holiday.

Here is the "old world"…the cradle of western civilization. Rich in history, endowed with vast natural beauty, overflowing with tradition.

Who will not recognize the sounds of Scottish bagpipes or the German Glockenspiel Band? The high stepping French cancan or driving Spanish flamenco?  The bright native costume of the Belgian goose girl or yodeling mountain climber?  The snow capped Swiss Alps…the Leaning Tower of Pisa…the hard working windmills of the low countries…Parliament Tower.  This is historic Europe…centuries old in customs and folklore, yet still resounding in the vibrant spirit of today's children. 

   Fun right??  The description is so silly and vivid I had to share it!  I especially liked the term "Belgian goose girl"…because thats awesome.   I can't wait to share the other lands on this magical ride, so stay tuned!

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