Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Blogs-Giving!

   In the last few years Disney Hipster Blog has gone through a lot changes.  The aesthetic content has shifted, our podcast was developed and evolved into the monster it is, and our interactions on Twitter has both decreased and become more polarizing. We would like to think that despite some of the negatives our focus has always been "critiquing the aesthetic choices of the Disney company."
   Throughout all of this our audience has continued to grow, and for that I am so immensely appreciative.  Not a day of blogging goes by that I don't think "sheesh! I can't believe people are still reading this!"  
    This blog would never have thrived the way it did without the support of other small upstart blogs…and I'd like to take a second to point you in their direction. Please take the time while you're relaxing on your day off to check these awesome blogs out...

   First of all,  This Happy Place.  This fabulous blog was founded just weeks before our own, and I'd like to think of them as siblings. (or awkward cousins maybe?)   Though their blog has evolved quite a bit in the last few years, Estelle (and James) continue to uphold the fabulous content that this site is known for.   We've collaborated on lots of stuff as well…so make sure to check those posts out!
   Highlights: Muppet Mondays and tons of awesome Disney on Broadway stuff! 

   Shortly after joining the blogging community we had the pleasure of becoming friends with Melissa from Mouse On The Mind!  This blog is a testament to Melissa's devotion to blogging about Disney in her own goofy style!  This girl is ridiculously cute, and a fabulous person.  We had the pleasure of throwing and AWESOME Disney meet up in Brooklyn this past year along with Mouse On The Mind…as well as This Happy Place. 
   Highlights: Kill, Marry, Refurb (seriously awesome series!)

   If the above two are our cousins, then Mike and Dave at  Jambo Everyone are our long lost brothers.  These guys devote so much time and energy in the upkeep of their amazing blog, dedicated to our favorite park… Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Not only that but they recently started their own terrific podcast, Radio Harambe. The passion for animal conservation alone is reason enough to visit this site immediately.
   Highlights: Safari Mike's animal profiles, Radio Harambe

   One of our newer friends, Sarah at Gluten Free Dairy Free WDW has become a great blogging ally!  Not only does she provide a much needed service to the community, but she is so stinking funny!  She has made a few appearances on our Disney Hipsters Too podcast…and you can find us guesting on her show as well!  
   Highlights: awesome, well written, informative restaurant reviews

   The only non Disney blog on our list…and for good reason.  It's been almost two years since Lance And Jeff burst onto the Disney blogging scene. (yes, I know I said its a non-disney blog…but trust me, they burst onto this scene none the less…)  The hilarious antics of these guys, and their adorable pets, keep readers coming back….whether its about Disney or not.
   Highlights: Jeff's drawings, and blog post about candles. 

   A blog I seriously can't live without. is the first blog I check in the morning…and Sarah is amazingly proficient at providing up to date food reviews!  I love her unique take on WDW food (balanced by her cohort Matt…) which looks at everything from upscale restaurants to the most unassuming snack foods. 
   Highlights: her "snacks from" series, especially Japan.

   He might be our most recent friend…but Jonathan from The Mouse Slap has us totally obsessed.  The Mouse Slap is essentially an online newspaper dedicated to all things Disney.  He compiles all the best reads from the Disney community and wraps it up in a nice package.  PLUS, Jonathan is a total snark monger and should probably earn the title of Honorary Disney Hipster. 
   Highlights: Litterally everything. 

   What? Another awesome food blog??!?!  Yes, well…kind of.  Mouse Chow might focus on food…but Dawn has no hesitation to blog about other Disney details, which is why we love this site.  She may not update her blog as much as the others, but when she does the posts are such fun informative and fun little nuggets!  
   Highlights: Any bone she's willing to throw us. :)

   So there you go, some fun blogs for you to read on your day off.  Though I'm sure most of you already frequent these fabulous sites, if you don't there is no better time than now.  These bloggers have been imperative to Disney Hipster Blog's growth over the last few years, and for that we are incredibly thankful.
   Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  1. Sorry if Wonders of Life Eterna didn't get on the list. Which reminds me, I'll try to squeeze out some more ideas and research and I'll be back on my feet.

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