Monday, November 25, 2013

Taking Photopass Into Your Own Hands

   Has Disney Hipster Blog ever covered  the Photopass service at Walt Disney World?  I get this question from time to time…and honestly couldn't remember.  Almost 700 blog posts into the blog its kind of hard to keep track.
   A quick google search of "Disney Hipster Blog Photopass" turns up a number of fun posts that I hardly remember writing. Among them: Photographers making you act wacky. One all about hugging characters. One about random photo locations. And of course... One all about Big Al.   Clearly I give no real information about the service…so why start today?
   Like I said before, Photopass photographers have a tendency to "encourage wackiness."  But what if your photographer is just snapping away for a  minute or two with no real direction?  You have to take matters into your own hands.

Seriously…why am I so startled? 

"Why are we taking this photo again?"

Lets get racist... 

 Gesticulate wildly…

Lets look really ugly…

   These are just a few suggestions for when the photographer is giving you nothing to work with.  If all else fails…just make a big frown.  It always makes for a fun picture looking back, trust me.  

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