Friday, November 15, 2013

Cosmic Rays Grilled Veggie Sandwich: The Worst Thing In The World

   I like food, you know, in general.  I'm not a snob about my food for the most part either. I don't eat animals…but thats about it. I just like eating.  So to get on my list of never again foods is pretty difficult, especially at Walt Disney World where I spend all day long eating.
   Well friends, a new member has joined that elite club.  The grilled veggie sandwich at Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe is quite horrible.  Lets talk about it!

   I should preface all opinions by saying that Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe is the last place we think of to eat.  There are far superior counter service choices in The Magic Kingdom.  This particular day was at the tail end of a two week trip, and we decided to give it another shot. (our last visit had been five years earlier…)
   The thing about Cosmic Rays is that it is an enormous space.  This restaurant is designed to move people…and I really do understand that.  But does the food have to be THIS BAD?  The decor suffers much in the way that the rest of Tomorrowland does.  Bad faux future typeface. Weird color choices. (who decided that purple was the official color of the future?)  And oh lord, the layout, with its notoriously superfluous "Bays."
   The only redeeming factor at Cosmic Rays is the continued awesomeness of Sonny Eclipse. And lets be honest here, you don't have to order food at Cosmic Rays to enjoy one of Sonny's performances…

   I was surprised to find out that this restaurant actually had two vegetarian options.  The ever-present veggie burger…but also a grilled veggie sandwich.  Being the dedicated blogger that I am, I knew where my responsibility lay.

   The basis of any good sandwich isn't whats inside, but the catalyst for serving the innards…the bread.  I applaud disney for trying out different bread options, especially when they're of the whole wheat/grainy variety.  But this bread is garbage.  The most dense, hard un appetizing whole wheat bun I've ever had the bravery to eat.  It honestly tasted as if it had been sitting around for weeks.  It most reminded me of the bread that you would find in an elementary school cafeteria.

   The insides didn't improve the situation for me.  It consisted of few slabs of barely cooked (and I seriously doubt grilled…) zucchini and yellow squash, lettuce and tomato.  I don't fault them for the inclusion of lettuce and tomato on a grilled veggie sandwich.  I love lettuce and tomato and basically put it on everything.  The biggest problem is that the "grilled veggies" were served at room temperature.  And while I like summer squash quite a bit, these were bland and lifeless.
   The whole mess was drizzled whith some kind of balsamic dressing, and the bread was lightly dabbed with a mayonnaise based dressing.  These did very little to help considering the extremely dry bread.

   I'm happy to have checked out Cosmic Rays again, if anything to cross it back off my list.  I won't be going back until the menu is overhauled again.  I'd much rather indulge in a lighthouse sandwich.

   Have you had any bad experiences at Cosmic Rays?  What about GOOD experiences?  What is your favorite counter service restaurant at The Magic Kingdom?  Let us know over on Twitter!


  1. Whew! I'm taking my mom next month for her first trip since 1998, and as a pescatarian she often goes for the vegetarian options. I would've hated to steer her toward this one and ruin everything. And to think, Backlot at the Studios has such a nice version of this!

  2. The last time I ate at Cosmic Ray's I had the driest chicken sandwich of my life (which is saying something, considering that the bulk of my chicken consumption comes from a university cafeteria). I'm generally pretty easy to please, and I soldiered through it, but I definitely wouldn't order it again, especially with so many tastier options around the park! I do have a soft spot for that Sonny Eclipse, though...

  3. I used to like Cosmic Rays a while back, but we had a really bad experience there when we went in 2011. It was ridiculously crowded, the food was bland, and the atmosphere is not good. We've decided to just go to the Columbia Harbour House ever since.

  4. The grilled veggie sandwich (#10) at Backlot Express is much tastier. Not that it'll do you much good if you're at MK. But if you're vegetarian and looking for a good sammie at Magic Kingdom, check out the hummus-based Lighthouse Sandwich at Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square. I really like it.

  5. I've read that purple as the "official color of the future" goes back to John Hench's work on the original EPCOT attractions.

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