Monday, October 28, 2013

The Wilderness Must Be Explored!

   One of the absolute highlights of our most recent trip to Disney World was the new Wilderness Explorers game/attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Yes, we're a little biased toward this park...but this is the best interactive game that Disney has implemented thus far.  Sure it's silly, but it also requires you to traverse the park and explore the tiny nooks and crannies that makes this park so special in the first place.
   Adam and I finished the entire game over the course of two visits to the park, and here is a fun video montage that sums up the game pretty well.

   I absolutely adore how silly the cast members are on during this!  But don't get me wrong, they really know there stuff!  Ask them just about anything concerning the animals in the park, and they're likely to know!  
  Have you experienced Wilderness Explorers yet?  Did you love it as much as we did? Or did it leave you wanting more?  Lets us know over on Twitter!


  1. I am *so* doing this next time I'm at AK -- thanks for the great video!

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