Monday, October 21, 2013

OMG The Disney Book Of Knitting: Part 1

   This weekend Adam and I went to Atlantic City with Adam's family...not usually our kind of thing, but it was actually tons of fun.  The highlight of our trip actually happened on our drive back, when I found something very special at a roadside flea market...

   The Disney Book Of Knitting in all its amazing, horrible, abject glory.  This book is the reason we started Disney Hipster Blog, because if we weren't going to share stuff like this, who was?  Inside of this wonderful knitting book are some of the most whimsical magic known to man...angsty teens wearing atrocious/fabulous knitwear.   This is just part one of two. (three? four?)

 AGGHHHH!!!!! I'm more upset about her hair...

 Not only are these kids super hot (Norwegian?) but the sweaters are legit amazing. 
Someone please knit this for me...

Poor Goofy doesn't translate well in a chunky knit...I'll take one in every color. 

   Pretty amazing stuff right?  This made my weekend so amazing.  I'll share other pictures in the next couple of weeks hopefully...get excited friends, theres plenty more.


  1. Um. This is amazing. I'm a knitter and well... these are just as you describe them (atrocious/fabulous). This book makes me so happy, excellent find. I mean... who doesn't want to cozy up in an oversized Lady and the Tramp graphic pullover?!

  2. This is, without exaggeration, the most incredible thing that has ever existed. If someone actually knitted these items, they would make a FORTUNE. I know because I would buy ALL OF THEM.

  3. I knit. Just bought this on amazon. THANK YOU. Just in time for formal night on my February disney cruise.

  4. My 15 year old would wear these with pride! I wish I knew how to knit.

  5. Can anyone please tell me which patterns are in this book? My mother in law is looking for a dopey pattern? Thanks

  6. I knew I learned to knit for a reason.

  7. I love your wp format, where did you get a hold of it? yarn stores