Friday, October 18, 2013

Germany's Weinkeller

   Throughout Epcot's World Showcase there are several adorable "mini bars."  They don't have seats for the most part, just high top tables, and usually have very limited options.  These bars also make up the fun wine walk that many folks are very fond of.  Today lets look at one of these little bars shall we?

   Located in the back left hand corner of the St. George Platz in the Germany pavilion at Epcot is the Weinkeller.  You might guess that weinkeller is german for wine cellar, considering the goods sold in this charming store!
   The space is very tight, especially on a busy day, but that just adds too the cozy theming. I mean, do we really want this wine cellar to be spacious?  The room is also quite dim, which furthers the cellar feel, and sets the mood for some fun drinking.

   The serving area is gorgeous.  The back wall is flanked by intricately carved wine casks, and fabulous rock work.  The stone floor contributes to the chilly feel of the room. The thick wooden beams and wine barrels add a little German whimsy.
     Short of maybe Tutto Gusto, this is a destination for drinking wine.  Though Germany is traditionally known for their beer, the country also produces a wide variety of wine.  Grown primarily in the west, along the Rhine river, Germany's Riesling grapes are the best in the world.  If you're a sweet wine drinker, this is your spot.

   Like I said, options are limited.  Here you can purchase one of three wine flights or a bottle of chilled Radeberger pilsner, a beer which my limited sensibility enjoys a lot.  If you're looking to buy something for later, there is a huge selection of German wine, spirits, and cordials just to the right of the bar.

   The only option for drinking inside the Weinkeller is a tall, long wooden table.  Even though the room is super cozy, nothing about this table invites you to relax for long periods of time. With some clever reorganizing of the shops wares, there could be a few tables with high top chairs placed for our drinking convenience.  With just a few alterations this could become a destination bar at Disney World, but for the time being, it remains one of the most intricately themed fun shops in World Showcase. 

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